The Contemporary View on Home and Family

Home and family involve two concepts that are inseparable in all respects. Although at first glance home and family seem to refer to the physical structure and subjects such as the house for home and the family members for family, these concepts are really in the realm of idea that bind related people together sharing common identity, lineage, experience, and life.

Home refers not only to the structure that provide for shelter. It is primarily the feeling of belongingness, the sharing of affection and care for each other within a certain place or location. Such location is considered a home, whether it is a house, shanty, mansion, or palace, as long as the members feel the love and belongingness with each other and they are able to freely express their real selves and identity, then it is no less than a home for them. On the other hand, the idea of a family is more than the togetherness of persons who share the same bloodline and ancestors. It transcends the mere presence of a mother, father and children.

Family refers to the social and emotional bond that connects individuals, whether related in blood or not, and they share the same love, care, and affection with each other. Although at this point home and family both refers to the emotional, psychological, and social bonds that connects the individuals forming home and family, these concepts are distinguished in this wise; the family always refer to the subjects of the house or the persons that dwell in it while the home generally refers to the structure or residence or it may also connote the emotional and psychological experience of a person to feel the belongingness, togetherness, commonality, love, and affection while being with such people or inside such house.

The divide between this actual or tangible side of home and family from the idea or conceptual realm of the said concepts is manifest among many families nowadays. Most members of the modern families experience the extreme absence of filial or parental care and affection. This is due to the complicated lifestyle that values more on the material aspects and performs most of human activities in a mechanical way.

To illustrate, parents who are into business traveling seem not to worry about being miles away from their children since there is the advancement of communication technology that offers virtual and real time presence such as video chatting on the web and even on mobile phones. However, this development does not suffice the need for the real and actual presence of parents to express their care and affection to their growing children.

Thus, despite all of these technologies, most children do not feel at home while they are in their mansions and they do not feel the presence of their family even when their parents are with them physically. The home and family are concepts that have various ways and means for actualization. They cannot be left to mere physicality or to some abstract ideas, lest, these concepts are nothing but mere thoughts with the least value and significance for the human species.

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